Sunday, November 30, 2008

CPC funds went to anti-gay ballot measures

Some sleuthing by blogger Democratic Diva reveals even more contradictions in the stated mission of crisis pregnancy centers.

Although yet another faith-based agency regularly featured as guest sex-educators in public schools, CPC of Greater Phoenix boasts their 100% non-government funded status. A quick scan of the agency's website shows that funds do, in fact, seem to come from individual donations. (We must ask, however, how "non-government" an agency that's regularly allowed to push propaganda and advertisements in government-funded schools can truly be.)

Benefactors hand over large checks to CPCs for their outwardly stated mission: helping women face unplanned pregnancy, well who could argue with that?! (Of course those who have taken the time to research CPCs tend to know that a donation to a CPC is a donation for deception and anti-choice propaganda.)

However, it seems medically inaccurate information isn't all CPC benefactors are funding. According to the Arizona Advocacy Network, CPC of Greater Phoenix donated a whopping $100,000 to support Arizona Proposition 102 (the gay marriage ban) in this month's election.

Now maybe I'm missing something, but I just don't get how opposing same-sex marriage fits into CPC of Greater Phoenix's stated mission of "serving the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of women and families who are in crisis because of an unplanned pregnancy." I mean I'm no biologist, but I'm pretty sure you'd be hard pressed to find a same-sex couple who's facing an unplanned pregnancy because of their sexual activity.

Of course I'm not missing anything at all. I'm just seeing further into the agenda behind the CPC phenomenon: not only anti-choice and anti-woman, but heteronormal and patriarchal as well. Downright hegemonic. That's nothing your money should be going towards, at least not if you were looking for a place to help women in need.

Just to put it into perspective, consider this:
- CPC of Greater Phoenix, which boasts its support of women in financial and emotional need during an unplanned pregnancy, donated $100,000 to a totally unrelated issue.
-The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates women on Medicaid pay an average of $2,100 out of pocket for full prenatal care, a privilege less than half of American women on Medicaid are able to pay for. $100,000 could provide 41 women in the Greater Phoenix area with full prenatal care for her entire 9-month term, and could have assisted in prenatal costs for hundreds.
- The Kaiser Foundation also estimates delivery to be $5,000 on average. CPC of Greater Phoenix could have fully paid for the deliveries of 20 babies with the amount they donated to support a state ban on same-sex marriage, and could have assisted in delivery costs for hundreds.
- $100,000 would buy diapers for 55 new moms for one year.

Lovely, eh?

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