Friday, January 23, 2009

Roe Reflections: 36 Years Later

Thirty-six years since Roe, our reproductive lives remain a battleground of controversial argument. Yesterday, choice advocates all over the country reflected on what Roe means to them, the limitations of simple "right to privacy," and the changing political climate under a more choice-friendly administration.

Here are selections from the pro-choice blogosphere.

Roe at 36

Roe v. Wade at 36: Reproductive Justice Advocates Reflect on What Roe Does, and Doesn't Do

Beyond the Global Gag Rule: "The World Has Changed and We Must Change With It"

New Political Landscape for Pro-Choice Advocates; March for Life in DC

Roe at Thirty-Six: the Accountability of Judicial Review, and Dispelling Gary Bauer’s Myths

A Resurgence of Clinic Violence?

Clinic violence on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade

More can be found at NARAL's Blog for Choice '09 participants.

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