Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New product: CHOOSE LIES stickers!

And this is how I spent my evening. Our lovely news writer Dawn suggested I make my design protesting NC H168 (still hanging out in committee) into stickers! So first I obviously needed to make the whole thing from scratch, removing all potentially copyrighted elements so we don't get sued (considering the child-like design, however, this was easy enough with Microsoft Paint). And away we went!

Similar to the real tags offered by many state governments (but legally distinct, according to our legal counsel), these babies can be purchased at our CafePress store. We're trying to go after states that specifically donate tag sales to CPCs, or those that specifically prohibit funds going towards organizations that do abortions or abortion referrals. (Ironically enough, many of these *real* clinics also provide quality low-cost pre-natal referrals and assistance, making "life" possible... CPCs have been known to actually advise away from low-cost pre-natal because "those places" often give abortion referals and {gasp!} comprehensive reproductive information!!)

If your state is not listed, and you've seen local antis cruising around with "Choose Life" tags, maybe your state doesn't donate these funds specifically to CPCs. Or we just haven't gotten to it yet... ;) North Carolina is there because the state legislature is considering offering them... let's hope we don't have to make one for Virginia!

Regardless, the new stickers are sure to make a powerful statement, and possibly inspire folks to research exactly what a "CPC" is. Unfortunately CafePress doesn't have the lowest base prices so we've kept the markups low (about $0.50 per sticker sold). Exposure is key... we're not out to make a fortune!

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