Friday, June 26, 2009

Help NARAL-Virginia counteract CPC funding

This past Spring, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine signed into law a bill that would allow the sale of "Choose Life" license plates. The plates, available now in 24 states, will funnel money through the government DOV agency and into about 40 crisis pregnancy centers in the state. $15 of every $25 license plate will go toward helping unlicensed, unregulated CPCs spread false and misleading information about reproductive health. To date, no pro-choice alternative exists anywhere in the country. When proposed, state legislatures reject them because they consider the alternative too "political" to be on government-issued tags.

Nearly $9000 is expected to be funneled into Virginia CPCs on the day the plates become available (July 1) alone. NARAL-Virginia is asking supporters to help match this amount and counter the false and misleading information put out by CPCs. Virginia residents can also get involved with NARAL-VA's Crisis Pregnancy Center Education Project.

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