Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Protesting CPCs vs. Protesting Clinics

During a recent Google search, I found several anti-choice organizations have "discovered" us and chosen to make sweeping claims about who we are without contacting me directly. One discussion in particular took place at anti-choice extremist Jill Stanek's blog. I hope my readers here will understand if I do not wish to promote her blog or increase her web traffic, so I'll just advise you to Google search the discussion if you want to see for yourself (or take part in the debate).

This particular article focused on the organizing of protests outside CPCs. One recurring comment accused us of doing what we complain about antis doing outside of abortion clinics.

Which is completely false. Here is a list of what our protesters do, and more importantly, what we definitely do not do:
  • Our demonstrations take place on public sidewalks in front of or near CPCs. We do not attempt to block entrances, driveways, or parking spots.
  • We do not engage with potential CPC clients unless approached first. We do not shout at them as they are entering the center; we feel that most women entering a CPC (and an abortion clinic, as the case may be) are already in a vulnerable place and should have their privacy respected and protected.
  • In the event a potential CPC client approaches us, make every effort to discuss her situation with her, on her terms. If she has a question, we answer it honestly. Our protests in Greensboro (in front of the Pregnancy Care Center) are usually attended by one or two women who have visited the center themselves and can vouch for the false or misleading information they received during their visit.
  • We do not try to convince any client or potential client to choose any pregnancy option. Our protests are made up of pro-choice, pro-feminist women and men who want to make sure women are aware of the services (or lack of services) offered at the CPC.
  • We do not use sound-amplifying equipment to shout down CPC staffers or clients. When approached by a CPC staffer, we remain civil.
  • We do not attempt to frighten any woman away from the center with false information.
  • We do not display graphic images.
  • We do not use inflammatory language or try to incite extreme action.
  • We do not promote or actively engage in any kind of vandalism or arson.
  • We do not promote or actively engage in harassment of CPC staff members, volunteers, or supporters. We do not make death threats, we do not stalk, and we do not publicize the private information of any CPC staff member or volunteer.
  • We do not engage in civil disobedience in an attempt to shut the CPC down or disrupt its operation. Moreover, there has never been an arrest at a CPC protest that CPC Watch endorsed or organized. We obey local laws and remain in places that are not disruptive to passing traffic or pedestrians.
Take a look back at this list and realize that for every "we do not" statement, there has been a documented case of anti-choice protesters engaging in such activity at abortion clinics. That is why we "whine" about the protests in front of abortion clinics: the harassment and fear-tactics, the threats and blockages. No pro-choice demonstration in front of a CPC has ever used such tactics.

We believe women's privacy and choices should be protected, but that they should be educated. Our protests are mostly aimed at educating passersby, and not in any way to make a threat against the CPC.

I hope this clears some things up. And if not, here it is in pictures:

And here it is in video...

Anti-CPC Protest:

Anti-Abortion Protest:

Any questions?


jovan b. said...

I'm adding your blog to my roll. I love the fact that you are exposing the CPCs for their deception of women.

saltyC said...

It's so clear that "pro-lifers" are out to hurt women, I once thought they just didn't care that they hurt women. But they try so hard, and the laws they pass bring so much more hurt, they're truly evil.

Danila said...

Since comment moderation has been enabled, I'm sure that any anti-abortion comments aren't displayed?

I have a question- are you ok with the pregnancy crisis centers giving the WHOLE truth, or do you just want them to give your side of truth?
I mean... is it ok for them to talk about the after effects of abortion, what the baby feels at the time of abortion, it's development thus far, etc etc?

Crisis Pregnancy Center Watch said...

@Danila-- "Since comment moderation has been enabled, I'm sure that any anti-abortion comments aren't displayed?"

We display all comments that are not spam or irrelevant. Moderation is on so we don't get spammers.

We fully support a comprehensive approach to options information. However, comprehensive also means information is founded in actual research with some medical and psychological basis. Claims that abortion causes breast cancer, infertility, or clinical depression have no basis in this approach.

We fully support the right of the woman to make an informed decision. As a birth doula myself, I am committed to ensuring women and their families experience birth on their terms. In fact, if you will click over to our Resources page (, you'll find we link to comprehensive information for *all* reproductive options. We believe a woman's sexual and reproductive autonomy is integral to ensuring a quality of life for every member of the family. In that sense, we are 100% pro-life, pro-family, and pro-child.

Thank you for your inquiry,
Project Coordinator