Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our Holiday Wishlist

It would be a wonderful world if grassroots organizations could operate, promote themselves, and have a web presence without spending a single dime. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world. Therefore, we are constantly forced to do something very few of us are good at: ask for money!

We're in a never-ending fundraising campaign here at CPC Watch. And when we send out those annoying mass-emails to new newsletter subscribers, the question we're mostly faced with is, "I want to help, but what will my money go towards?"

Have no worries. All CPC Watch volunteers are just that: volunteers. We all hold paying jobs and support ourselves in our own ways... no donation will ever go towards paying our rent or that $15 phone bill we got for sending too many text messages last month. And thanks to the programming rockstars at Paypal, you can rest assured your donation will go through securely and without ever having to give your credit card information to some poor college student with text book bills out the wazoo.

But of course we don't want to leave you in the dark. Here is a list of current projects that need funding:

- Web hosting and bandwidth for the website, the project’s main proponent.
- Pamphlets and fliers to educate people about CPCs and respond to their misinformation, as well as reproductive health resources.
- Sign making materials for CPC demonstrations.
- Targeted ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and other search sites. Targeted ad campaigns are the ads you see on the right side of the page when you do a Google search. We decided to take on this campaign when we realized typing "abortion information" into a search engine brought up ads from organizations with "information" about abortion, but are mostly CPC organizations. These campaigns run between $50-$200 a month, depending on the number of impressions we are able to purchase at the time, so be generous! We are currently running a campaign with Google Adwords, but not Yahoo anymore (they decided our website contained "unacceptable content").

New projects are being hammered out all the time. You can keep up to date with our goings on by reading this blog regularly and by signing up for our monthly newsletter.

Donate $25 or more and get a free bumper sticker of your choice! We also have a store at CafePress with a variety of pro-choice products that generates a small amount of funds and a lot of exposure (the web address is listed on almost all products).

So make our day this holiday season and help give the gift of reproductive autonomy to thousands of women!

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