Sunday, December 14, 2008

Recession brings more women to CPCs... and less funding for comprehensive clinics.

The thing is, we're in a generally bad economic time. That effects almost everyone... non-profits included. As a new organization, we launched right into an fundraising battle against the odds.

The other thing is, with more women uninsured and unemployed, more women will be unable to access reliable contraception, and therefore more women will be facing unplanned pregnancies. That will lead more women towards "free" services, such as those heavily advertised by well-funded CPCs and anti-choice agencies. More women are being forced to make decisions based on their finances. More women will be coerced by CPCs to choose adoption, where they might be elegable for prenatal assistance and delivery cost, or might be promised free baby supplies should they choose to parent.

On the other side, the past few years of political agendas set forth by the Bush administration have put comprehensive family planning agencies in a bind, magnified tenfold by the recession that has significantly lowered the amount of money brought in through corporate and private donations. Family planning clinics simply aren't able to sling around funds the way CPCs do. For one, clinics like Planned Parenthood have to pay for doctor's services, medication costs, medical equipment, cleaning supplies, lab fees, etc. CPCs, funded largely by wealthy evangelical churches as well as state and federal government grants, are run mostly by volunteers and have significantly fewer costs. The facility does not have to be up to code with sanitation the way medical clinics do, and any doctor or nurse a CPC brings in is usually a volunteer and does not actually perform any medical services. And so clinics are working hard just to maintain a medical facility while CPCs remain relatively unharmed by recession. In fact, according to CareNet, they're seeing more clients than ever!

Even under a more pro-choice president, combatting the anti-choice camp at large is a tall order in today's economy. Even if you can only spare a few bucks, consider a donation to CPC Watch, or a number of other choice advocacy organizations. If you have nothing monetary to contribute, consider volunteering for us. More minds on the job = more we can do together to ensure women are empowered to make educated choices about their reproductive destinies! Contact us at cpcwatch@gmail to discuss ways to help out, or donate today using the button below.

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