Thursday, February 19, 2009

Anti-Choice Legislation in Your State

The Following was sent out to our listserv and Facebook group. If you are interested in helping us out with this effort, please email

Dear CPC Watch Supporters and Friends,

I am writing today to ask for your help.

CPC Watch thrives on grassroots organization and all levels of time commitment from pro-reproductive justice people like you.

As we basque in the victory maybe the most choice-friendly president this country has ever seen, state and local governments have begun enacting anti-choice legislation all over the country. From state-mandated ultrasounds to increased funding for CPCs, these bills are a clear threat to access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare for us all.

In order to keep up with and inform others of these dangerous pieces of legislation, we are launching a state-by-state analysis of anti-choice bills to go in the News and Action Alerts section of the website. However, our core group of web authors are unable to keep up with them all! That's where you come in. We need volunteers to write up a small summary of legislation in a given state, then keep up with its progress with weekly updates. This will be a relatively small time committment since many of these proposed bills have been sent to subcommittee where further updates may take a while.

The states we will include are:
New York
North Carolina*
North Dakota
South Carolina*

(States with an * are those we already have writers for.)

You can choose any state (it doesn't necessarily have to be where you live), then email for more information and tips on how to keep up with legislation.

Thank you all so much for your continued support, and I very much look forward to hearing from you!

Peace and solidarity,

Lauren Guy McAlpin
Crisis Pregnancy Center Watch
Project Coordinator

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