Monday, February 9, 2009

Crist vetoes funding cut for CPCs

Unfortunately the only news source I can readily find for this story is from the Catholic News Agency, and while we hardly advocate giving ping-backs or hits to such an anti-choice agency, well, we're a little low on options now, aren't we?

According to the Catholic News Agency, Florida Governor Charlie Crist vetoed a $574,728 funding cut for CPCs under the Florida Pregnancy Support Services Program, a cut that was passed through the Florida Legislature during a Special Legislative Session. The initiative to fund CPCs in Florida was launched by Fmr. Governor Jeb Bush in 2005. This was one of many budget cuts Crist vetoed.

So there it is. Republicans want to eliminate any and all "pork spending" and government funding towards anything that has do with healthcare and personal issues, except when it's money to limit women's options and dole out anti-choice propaganda. (Seriously though, when it comes to government spending, what's more useless than a crisis pregnancy center?) A cut in CPC funding would have been a true victory in a state where no real medical assistance is offered to low-income women facing an unplanned pregnancy and where women are legally subject to biased counceling prior to accessing an abortion.

Even our choice-friendly President Barack Obama caved to GOP pressure to strike a family planning measure from the 2009 Stimulus Bill seeing how helping women prevent pregnancy is apparently nothing but "wasteful pork". By the way fellas, increased access to education and contraception would have helped reduce unplanned pregnancies and therefore abortions, but who ever said the antis are out to empower women with more choices?

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