Sunday, February 22, 2009

More anti-choice activity in North Dakota

While the area of my brain dedicated to anti-choice policy in North Dakota is generally reserved for HB1445, I can't help but devote a little time to the North Dakota Senate bill that would require abortion clinics to display a sign reading the following:
Notice: No one can force you to have an abortion. It is against the law for a spouse, a boyfriend, a parent, a friend, a medical care provider, or any other person to in any way force you to have an abortion.
SB2265 doesn't exactly ruffle my feathers in the usual outright way, aside from the fact that it's probably a waste of time considering it only applies to the state's one operational clinic.

Of course I'm not against women knowing that abortion is their choice and their choice alone. That's why my real beef with this measure is the fact that North Dakota otherwise has a real shoddy record on helping women make reproductive decisions for themselves: not only does the state restrict abortion access for young and low-income women, but also requires women to receive spousal consent prior to receiving an elective procedure!

And where, exactly, are the laws requiring all crisis pregnancy centers to display a sign that states that no one, not even the rabid volunteers inside, can intimidate you into choosing adoption over abortion or single-motherhood?

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